About Laura

Laura Palisano Hackathorn has served on the Board of Trustees for the Village of Hamburg since her election in 2004.  She serves as board liaison to Economic Development, the Historic Preservation Commission and the Village Court system.  For three years prior to her election, Laura was a volunteer on the Historic Preservation Commission, as well as for the award winning NYS Route 62 project - revitalizing the village’s Main Street from curb to curb.  After being elected, she became the liaison between the village and the local business community, with the focus of ensuring their survival while Main Street was impassable.  Laura is a highly dedicated community leader who works to significantly improve both the general quality of life and economic outlook in Hamburg through the introduction and disciplined adherence to progressive planning policies.  She has been instrumental in developing and implementing community outreach and building support for a new vision of the community’s future.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree from SUNY at Buffalo School of Management.  As Trustee, Laura has focused her efforts on the redevelopment of Main Street as a way to revitalize her community.  She believes that a traditional and historic business district is the heart of the community and ideally should provide for goods and services, entertainment, and social needs.